Working together to provide educational opportunities for very poor children in Myanmar (Burma)

S4SK is a UK-registered charity, No: 1131559

General principles

All staff, voluntary and paid, and trustees must adhere to the policy and guidelines. Failure to do so could have implications for S4SK)and H4SS as a providers of services and for their reputations.  The aim of the policy is to ensure that S4SK and H4SS have procedures to provide a speedy and effective response for dealing with concerns about a child or young person aged under 18.

Within this policy a child is defined as anyone who is 18 years or under.


S4SK and H4SS recognise that child welfare is paramount, that all children, regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality or beliefs have the right to be protected from abuse. S4SK and H4SS will take all allegations of abuse against a child seriously.

Procedures following allegation or suspicion of child abuse

You might have reason to believe or suspect that a child is subject to emotional, physical, sexual abuse or neglect.  If an allegation of abuse is made by a child or a third party, you will:

- make a note of the time and date that the allegation was made, who made the allegation, and the nature of the allegation,

- record only the facts,

- immediately report the allegation to Dr John McConnell, Daw Aye Aye Thinn, Daw Phyu Phyu Mar or to any other trustee teacher or committee member.

Protecting children from abuse and staff / volunteers from allegations of abuse

No member of the S4SK and H4SS staff will:

· make any comments with sexual overtones, even in humour, or partake in any “horse play” with a child

· engage in rough physical games – apart from structured sports activities which may be part of a community event etc.

· engage in sexually provocative games

· allow or engage in inappropriate touching in any form

· allow children to use inappropriate language unchallenged

· make sexually suggestive comments about or to a child, even in fun

· let allegations a child makes go unchallenged or unrecorded

Regular review of policies and procedures
The child protection policies and procedures of S4SK and H4SS will be reviewed annually.  Necessary changes that are identified in the interim period, as a result of amendment to legislation or local children and families procedures, will be made as required.

In order to protect the children we are helping, S4SK and S4SK-M have a policy of not supplying information as to their full names, locations, nor in facilitating direct contact.

S4SK and H4SS Child Protection Policy