Working together to provide educational opportunities for very poor children in Myanmar (Burma)

S4SK is a UK-registered charity, No: 1131559

Starting an NFE class in 2016

The process of establishing a new NFE class begins with learning about an area where there are large numbers of out-of-school children.  This information may come from a school-teacher in the area, from a concerned knows about our work, or from a contacts in other NGOs.  Once the area is identified we call a meeting of community leaders, parents and, when possible, local officials

We ask this group firstly to undertake an informal survey to establish the numbers and locations of out-of-school children, and also whether they have dropped out of school, or have never enrolled.  If the latter they would almost certainly be illiterate.  If the group thinks there is a need for a class, and if we feel that a class of 15 would be viable, we ask the group if they would like to take responsibility and become an Non Formal Education Committee (NFEC).  

Thus formed, the NFEC has an active role throughout the life of the class.  A suitable building needs to be found, a potential teacher identified, and the poorest families identified too.  We like to recruit local people as teachers since they will find it easier to gain the trust of these very marginalised people.  Then, we prefer to train teachers ourselves because we need to use an approach to teaching that works with children who have never been to school before.

Once the class is established the NFEC continues to meet on a regular basis, helps with Social Work and provides a forum where problems or complaints can be discussed.

Aye Aye abd Thinn Thinn setting up an NFEC in a rural area near Pyay

           Our two teachers                                    Interested parents                    And one of the two classes we set up there