Working together to provide educational opportunities for very poor children in Myanmar (Burma)

S4SK is a UK-registered charity, No: 1131559

Daw Aye Aye Thinn, the Programme Director of H4SS writes:

“To run a successful NFE class we need to care for the health and welfare of our children.  In our country, the rainy season runs from Mid-May to October. Unless the children have raincoats, it is sure they cannot attend the class very often during the this time. Mostly they are not used to wear any shoes.

We want to improve their self-esteem, so they see themselves as students like any other. If a poor out-of-school child can wear the uniform with our logo, and go to the class carrying a school bag, s/he will be proud of being a student. It can be a kind of reinforcement for their learning.

As well as giving them basic literacy and vocation education, we also want to change their attitude and life style.”

Supporting the learning environment of our children

Classrooms where there is a need

Here are some of our classrooms.  They are very simple, but they are in places where there are communities of very poor people.  Each one displays our sign and is part of the village.

Supporting learning

An annual picnic

Every year, we take each class on a picnic. They have great fun., And the trips provide good experience for reflective writing later.