Working together to provide educational opportunities for very poor children in Myanmar (Burma)

S4SK is a UK-registered charity, No: 1131559

Handicrafts: We include a sizable component of handicrafts in the curriculum.  This is intended to introduce children to some of the craft skills that will encourage their creativity and give them the confidence to follow vocational training courses when they are older.  This year,

Non-formal Education (NFE)

We run informal education classes for children who are out of school, many from begging and scavenging families.  For some, this is the first time they have been in a classroom.

These children are often breadwinners, supporting the family by selling postcards, sorting through rubbish for resale, or stealing. We make a small Family Support payment which compensates the family for the time spent in school, and helps ensure consistency in attendance.  The classes last three hours and are fun.  The children learn, and enjoy themselves at the same time.  The Active-Learning approach helps ensure good participation.

Social work: Many of the children in our classes come from terribly deprived backgrounds, and their families have many problems.  We provide pastoral care to the children, talking through some of the issues that affect them, and try to help resolve the difficulties faced by their families.  You can read more about our social work here.

You can see photos of our NFE classes down the years, by clicking here: 2007-2009, 2010-2013, 2014-2016. For our current approach to setting up a class click here, and for Phyu Phyu’s experience in starting an NFE class with scavenging children in 2011 click here.

It costs £4,098 to run each NFE class for up to 15 children, for one year.  That includes Family Support, social work, additional pre-vocational classes, and an extra month in which we focus on income-generating projects.  That’s about £200 per child for the best education we can provide.  Please help if you can.

Supporting the learning environment: We feel it to be important that our children think of themselves as ordinary school pupils, so we provide them with some of the things that would be commonplace for children from more prosperous backgrounds. To read about Aye Aye’s approach to supporting the learning environment of our children, please click here.

Active Learning: We use an active learning approach to education.  This means that classes are structured around activities that are challenging and fun.  You can see how to learn spelling through a game of bingo, and multiplication through team racing by clicking here.

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we opened a Learning Centre in Hlegu where we run courses in vocational skills and life skills.  Click here for the Learning Centre page, and here for a short article on handicrafts as a way to build confidence.