Working together to provide educational opportunities for very poor children in Myanmar (Burma)

S4SK is a UK-registered charity, No: 1131559

Our aims: As outlined in both our constitutions our aims are as follows:

a. To help children from very poor backgrounds to acquire better education than would otherwise be possible for them;

b. To provide a variety of interventions (ranging from literacy classes, family support and social work, through to scholarships for courses in higher education) suited to the situation of recipients;

c. With successive interventions, each building on the other, to improve the life-prospects of those young people;

d. To engage in research to chart out possible career paths for severely disadvantaged children.

 Our vision: “Every child has the right to learn, and our NFE classes will at least give them basic education. We take great care to make lessons fun, and the active learning approach we use ensures that the children make the most of their time with us.

All of our pupils come from very deprived backgrounds, and the levels of education they can achieve will vary. However, each must learn to stand on his/her own feet.  Therefore, we are keen to educate both children and parents about possible career paths, and to offer vocational education when they are old enough.  

We do our best to help our children lead lives that are both healthy and fulfilled, and to find work appropriate to their ability and interests.  Please help us to give them a better chance in life.”  

                                              Daw Aye Aye Thinn (H4SS Programme Director)



S4SK and Hope for Shining Stars

S4SK was registered as a UK charity in September 2009, and the trustees are all connected with Quaker meetings in Yorkshire, in the UK.    In 2013 we restructured to allow the work to flourish under local ownership, forming S4SK-Myanmar.  In 2016, we decided change the name of the local organisation to Hope for Shining Stars (H4SS), the better to express our aspirations for our students.  H4SS is currently applying for registration as a local NGO.  S4SK continues to raise funds for the work of H4SS, and to help in any way it can.  We communicate between Myanmar and the UK each day, and take the time to talk through every aspect of the work we share.  We work together toward a common vision.

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